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80686 München



 +49 (0)89 57089830

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Opening hours

Monday to sunday 4:00pm - 02:00 am 

Admission fee

 50,00 € (Day Ticket)

 Welcome to the Sunshine Nightclub

At the reception desk you will be welcomed with a friendly smile and you will receive towels, locker keys and bathing shoes for your stay. All non-alcoholic beverages are included with the Menu at a price of 50 euros. The order of food à la carte is also included in the admission fee from 16.00 to 24.00 hrs. 

We offer you a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy our outdoor lounge including sauna, the various indoor lounges, the whirlpool, our bistro and the cinema. This will make your stay an exclusive experience.

We refer to our house rules. Admission from 18 years.



In Munich there are some club operators who pay high taxi commissions for their guests. This is already known from the media. Please don't let your taxi driver mislead you by making other nightclubs attractive to you and collecting very high commissions at your expense. Stay with your decision to come to us and give us the chance to "convince" you.


 Advertising space gallery for women 

Note: do their own advertising and offer their services as independent entrepreneurs. They are therefore working exclusively for their own account and have no legal relationship with Sunshine (KS Sunshine GmbH). Sunshine (KS Sunshine GmbH) does not guarantee that it will come to sexual services. Whether and how sexual services are provided and the amount of remuneration is determined solely by an agreement between the ladies and the guests. These agreements do not constitute a contractual or business relationship with Sunshine (KS Sunshine GmbH).

For more pictures and information (e.g. the phone number) of the respective lady, please click on the preview image. Once you have found the lady of your choice, please make an appointment with her directly by phone.





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Location - Video 2



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